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When you need safe, secure short-term storage, you need thebestnews.ru Moving & Storage. We feature over 20,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage space that is protected against vandalism, fire, and pests. We utilize the latest vault storage method to protect your belongings until you're ready to claim or move them. It's just what you need when your new place isn't quite ready. thebestnews.ru Moving & Storage provides secure storage space at low costs. We utilize vault storage which are containers measuring 8' wide by 7' tall by 5' in depth. Each vault can contain approximately 1 room of your house. These containers are built on pallets, so your furniture never touches the ground. Your goods are stored in a regulated environment. Additionally, your vault is sealed so that no dust or dirt accumulates on your goods. These vaults are located in a warehouse protected by a police dispatched alarm system in a good location of town. With 24 hour notice, you can access your storage without charge. The space efficiency and protection of containerized storage is a popular and growing trend for storage needs.

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